Baddiley Reservoir

This Reservoir is a long established water approx 5 acres appears to have an abundance of natural food, it used to be the water supply for Nantwich several years ago and is in a beautifully secluded setting. The lake has steeply sloping sides and goes down to approximately 8 feet, it has some weed growth. The only fish we know for certain that were in the lake when we took it on are Brown and Rainbow trout.

The lake contains plenty of Carp to Mid 20’s and has a good gene pool mixture, the latest fish to go have been of the VS & Dintons Strain. It can be a little tricky at times but the fish are never far away and have taken on a lovely dark coloration. This water has only been stocked with carp.

This is an intimate water with some lovely fish. A perfect place to spend a day well away from the rigours of modern life.