Cotton Moss

Cotton Moss is an old sand quarry approx 15 acres and as such is well established with an abundant amount of plant life. The water can be weedy, although we have dealt with this the past two years, and is very rich in food. The lake depth varies from a few inches to a depth of approximately 10 feet, with an average depth of 6 feet, the lake has very few snags . The bottom is firm in most places with a few silt pockets, there are also several sandbars. Fishing on this lake is from the designated swims only. There is a disabled swim by the car park on this lake.

The lake contains a number of Carp to mid 30’s, plus Roach, Rudd, Perch, Tench, Crucian Carp and Bream. The lake has a large head of 20lb carp, the largest being a Common which has reached mid 30’s the past few years. The lake also contains several 30lb Mirrors and a high percentage of the 20’s are now around the 28lb mark. The fishing can be very rewarding for those who put the effort in.