Lawton Hall

Lawton Hall is a long established and very mature estate lake originally built in two half’s which we believe dates back to the 1700 and 1800’s the lake is now approximately 10 acres in size with depths ranging from fourteen feet to three feet in the shallows, as you would expect from a lake of such age there is an abundance of natural food. Most of the lake is surrounded by dense woodland with countless features in every swim.

At present Lawton contains original carp to over 30lbs, the Society has an ongoing stocking policy to introduce some of the dinton and gratwick strain into this water and also to remove some of the smaller fish that were introduced by the previous syndicate. The lake also good head of Pike and these have been caught to 26lb in recent times and also some very large bream and tench have been caught in the past few years to over double figures. Perch to over 3lbs. This is an excellent fishery which is really gathering speed as the fish stocks mature.