The moat was formed like nearly all the lakes in the Sandbach/Middlewich area by brine being extracted causing the land to sink therefore forming the lake.
The old name for The Moat was Killarney I am reliably informed by Ted Howarth how this name came about we do not know.

The lake belonged to Foden’s Motor works for a great number of years and at one time there was a pump house at one end of the lake installed by Foden’s to pump water to their factory. It looked nothing like it does today as there were hardly any trees on the roadside, no fences you just parked your vehicle right by the side of the lake.

The Moat many years ago was known for its Pike and most angler’s that fished there went specifically to fish for this species although the lake contained a lot of other species including roach, rudd, perch, tench, bream and gudgeon. In the mid 1950s in keeping with a lot of the local lakes in the area it was stocked with a number of carp from Donald Leney, the famous strain that was stocked in a lot of lakes in the country from about the 1920s including the most famous of all Redmire Pool, some of the fish that still swim in there today are possibly descendants of the original stocking.

I fished the lake as a young boy in the late 1950s mainly for the small fish, roach and perch and when I was in my teens and early 20s fished for the tench, bream and carp having reasonable success with them all. I caught several doubles and a few 20lb carp with my best fish of 25lb 8oz caught in 1971.

I didn’t fish The Moat for a number of years as it was sold and made into a syndicate, the owner who had it then added a lot of poor quality fish so was not worthwhile fishing. It was sold again to another person and Mike Goode managed it for the new owner, it was still a syndicate but Mike tried really hard to put the water back on track by getting the EA involved.

I joined the syndicate in the 90s and really enjoyed my time fishing on their catching some nice tench, crucian carp and carp up to 23lb. As far as I know the best carp caught in recent times is a fish of just over 26lb to Marcus Cooper. It is really good to know now that The Moat is now in control of Wheelock Angling Society as I am sure it will come on in leaps and bounds and I hope it will give everyone who fishes it a great deal of pleasure as it has me over the years.

Doug Summers