Wheelock Angling Society History

I first fished the water now known as Crabmill in 1939 when it was only a large pond, there was a tree in it and a hedge down one side, and the only fish I caught were Rudd.

It all started with a group of friends having a drink in the Cheshire Cheese public house in Wheelock one evening in 1948, and during the conversation fishing was mentioned. The men in question were J. Bennett, F. Bailey, J. Wall and L. Thompson. F. Bailey who was a Butcher said he had been talking to a Farmer at Crewe cattle market, and the Farmer Mr. Young from Crabmill Farm near Warmingham said he had a small Flash on his land, and would like to sell day tickets for the fishing.

It was agreed that F. Bailey and L. Thompson would arrange a meeting with the Farmer and suggest that he rent the Flash to a club. This meeting took place and terms were agreed but the Farmer still insisted that he should be allowed to sell day tickets also, and they could only fish from the 16th June until 30th September. That was how Wheelock Angler’s, the name of the club was formed in 1948 with L. Thompson Chairman, J. Bennett Secretary and J. Wall Treasurer.

It soon became apparent that the club was being run very haphazardly so a group of members decided to call an Annual General Meeting during 1954 to discuss the club and its future. At this meeting the clubs name was changed from Wheelock Angler’s and Wheelock Angling Society was born. Mr. J. Bennett was elected Chairman and Mr. Arnold Darlington was elected Secretary/Treasurer. The elected committee was F. Ellison, J. Palin, L. Thompson, Edward Howarth, V. Lea, Arthur Darlington and H. Mason.

In the meantime Roach, Perch, Tench and Bream were transferred from ponds and other waters to the Flash and then an advert was seen in The Angling Gazette about King Carp, this advert was discussed and the Secretary was instructed to inquire about these fish and how much they would cost. After the inquiries were made an order for 250 four-inch King Carp was placed with Major Leney of Hazelford Fisheries, Surrey. These fish arrived on 30th November 1957 and were stocked into Crabmill Flash.

Ted Howarth – President

The club has flourished since these early days, thanks to the likes of Ted Howarth and Doug Summers, and now controls 8 beautiful waters with some outstanding specimen fish.